About us

Production Enterprise "Offset" - the trademark "ALFA PACK", since 1999 is one of the most reliable suppliers of polymer packaging for enterprises operating in the food industry of Ukraine.

In the product range of the company "ALFA PACK" there are several thousand different types of packaging, which is produced by thermoforming from high-quality polymeric materials of different colors and characteristics.

The effective work of our own research and production center for the development of molds and technologies allows us to produce packaging that is able to meet the individual needs of customers. And an extensive network of representative offices in many regions of Ukraine makes it possible to provide high-quality and prompt service to customers and users of products.

Along with the packaging of thermoformed polymers, today, one of the most popular and sought-after products on the market is flexible packaging from polymer films. It became widespread in the areas of food packaging directly on production lines, packaging in retail chains, packaging of pharmaceuticals and many others. In order to make the package more attractive presentation, flexographic printing is actively used.

There are several basic, most common types of flexible packaging on the market:

- heat-resistant film - it is used for packaging dairy products and can withstand temperatures of about 90 ° C;

- film for freezing - it is used when deep freezing of products is needed; Such a film is available in several versions, but most often a multilayer film is used, the outer layer of which can be both without printing and with full-color flexographic printing;

- film with a twist effect - it is used for packaging products "in a twist", it is able to maintain shape for a long time after twisting;

- transparent plastic film is the most popular type of film; it is suitable for packaging solid, liquid, bulk, food and non-food materials.

In addition to other obvious advantages, flexible packaging has another very important quality - it can be simply and efficiently recycled. Around the world, special processing plants have been operating for many years, which are engaged in the production of packaging from recycled materials, helping to preserve the ecology of our planet.