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Round bucket 10 L white

Round bucket 10 L white
  • Артикул: 135002
  • Quantity per box: D40 / K200
  • Diameter, mm: 285
  • Hight, mm: 232

Product Description bucket round 10 L white

Round bucket 10 l white - a handy packaging, which is made of durable non-toxic materials, that allows it to be used for storing and transporting food. This product is used for honey, dairy products (cheese, cream and others.), fish, and other food or non foods products(chemicals, paints, etc.). The product has a removable lid which is tightly closed by means of ribs. Round bucket white 10 l has opening control.
Warning! container material (! food polypropylene) does not imply heating above + 120-130 ° C