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Flat container 0,2l.

Flat container  0,2l.
  • Артикул: 136003
  • Quantity per box: 400
  • Diameter, mm: 129
  • Hight, mm: 26

Product Description Flat container 0,2l

Flat container 0,2l - a handy packaging which is made of durable non-toxic materials, that allows it to be used for storing and transporting food. This product is used for preserves, desserts, seafood, and liquids other food or non-food products (chemicals, paints, etc.) The container has a removable lid which is tightly closed by means of ribs. Flat container 0,2l has opening control.
Warning! container material (! food polypropylene) does not imply heating above + 120-130 ° C