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Cup Kraft 500 ml

Cup Kraft 500 ml
Cup Kraft 500 ml
  • Артикул: 121080
  • Pieces / box: 1000
  • Number of pcs / sleeve: 50
  • Availability: under the order of 5 days

Product Description Cup kraft 500 ml




Cup kraft 500 ml - a bright representative of eco-products in our company. For the manufacturing of this position we used only eco-friendly materials, without adding adhesive components and dyes. Perfectly safe for human human health and the environment. Kraft cup 500 ml is used for coffee, tea, water, fresh juices, juices, soft drinks, fruit drinks, and more. Kraft cups have a sealed wall, are endowed with an attractive appearance. 500 ml Cup Kraft is used in the fast food places and institutions with a large trafic of people.