Sauceboat 42Dch PS + SS-42K

Sauceboat 42Dch PS + SS-42K
  • Артикул: 100126+100083
  • Quantity per box: 1000
  • The volume of the box, m3: 0.08
  • Volume, ml: 100

Product Description PS-42DCH + SS-42K- sauceboat


Packaging 42DCH PS + SS-42K-sauceboat handy and practical packaging made from non-toxic materials for storing food. PS-PS-42DCH + 42K- sauseboat used for flavoring and sauces. In this production flat lid removable, fixed by the inside ribs
.Warning! container material (food-grade polystyrene) does not imply heating above 60 ° C