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Pallet PS-801

Pallet PS-801
  • Артикул: 100109
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 536*230*13
  • The volume of the box, m3: 0.586
  • Pieces / pack: 200

Product Description tray FS-801


Pallet PS-801 for seedling plants promotes convenient storage of plants. The impermeability of this product allows to observe the purity, in some cases may serve as a water tank, thereby increasing the level of moisture in the soil for those plants that require frequent watering. At the initial stage, this position can be used as a cover during transporting. It is necessary to make holes in the pallet that will hold air and moisture, also here you can place a light soil. This product does not include the bottom and the cover, but additional positions can be supplied with it.