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Cups lid KV-75 (250ml cup).

Cups lid KV-75 (250ml cup).
Cups lid KV-75 (250ml cup).
  • Артикул: 124009
  • The volume of the box, m3: 0.098
  • Pieces / box: 2000
  • Number of pcs / sleeve: 100

Description Cups lid KV-75 (for cup 250 ml)

cup lid KV-75 (250 ml cup) - a handy attribute for cups. It is made from non-toxic materials, so in interaction with the cold and hot drinks does not emil harmful to the human health substances. The product is used for a fast-food places, where practicality occupies an important place. Using cup lids can solve problems such as dirt and dust in the cup, in addition, this attribute allows you to save the integrity of the content during transport. Cups lid KV-75 (250 ml cup) significantly slows down the process of cooling hot drinks and prevents them from spilling onto clothing.
Warning! cup material (! food-grade polystyrene) does not imply heating above 60 ° C