Flat container 200/124 / K (Perint)

Flat container 200/124 / K (Perint)
  • Артикул: 117001+117023
  • The size of the cover, mm: 182 * 124
  • Volume, ml: 200
  • Hight, mm: nineteen
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint
  • Availability: under the order 40 days


Product Description Square container 200/124/K (Perint)


Square container 200/124/K (Perint) - a handy packaging, which is made from non-toxic materials, that allows it to be used for storing and transporting food. This product is used for animal feed, fishing equipment and more. Square container 200/124/K (Perint) has a removable tightly closable flat cover 124 which is fixed by the edges and allows stacked containers, providing it with immobility. This position has the opening control.