Absorbent pad

Absorbent pad 12 ml

Absorbent pad 12 ml
  • Артикул: 114005
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Size, mm l*w: 115*60
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Absorbent pad

In storing and transporting food products in trays of foamed polystyrene or other types of packaging, especially for frozen products, absorbent pads have become simply indispensable.

The moisture-absorbing pad (or, as it is more often called, the moisture-absorbing wipes) is intended to be placed directly in the package with packaged products, to absorb excess moisture. Most often, moisture-absorbing pads are used in foamed polystyrene trays and other containers:

  • during transportation of cooled and fresh products, when excessive moisture is formed in temperature differences;
  • for food products that produce juice during prolonged storage. 

Also, moisture-absorbing pads can significantly slow down the process of melting frozen products, simultaneously eliminating the main drawback - excessive moisture - of this process and maintaining a presentable product look. The use of moisture-absorbing pads ensure clean and hygienic packaging, preventing damage to prepackaged products.

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