Tray for eggs

Tray for eggs in assortment

Eggs are an indispensable product in the nutrition of many people. The demand for eggs at all times was unusually high. However, it was always difficult to preserve, without any damage, transport them from the poultry farm and to the kitchen.

Due to the peculiar shape and fragility of the eggs, their storage and transportation is much more complicated. For generations, various types and forms of the most suitable packaging for this product were tried, until a special cellular tray for eggs was developed.

In accordance with DSTU 5028: 2008 eggs are divided into several categories by weight, this must be considered when selecting the optimal packaging for them.

Modern industry, and our company in particular, develops the most convenient and transportable types of trays for eggs of various sizes, shapes, sizes and materials (the most common are plastic packaging and cardboard). 

Today we can offer you a convenient and practical:

  • plastic tray for eggs, which is not only resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations, but also due to transparent walls makes it possible to assess the safety of the contents, has good protective and destruction properties;
  • carton tray for eggs - in the traditional form of execution (lumpy laying for eggs) - produce several types of lumpy pads with different types of cells for eggs of different categories by weight. Compact and very convenient packaging for transporting large quantities of eggs;
  • tray for eggs with a lid is a variant of cardboard packaging, a traditional analogue of plastic. It has good resistance to mechanical damage;
  • tray for quail eggs is ideal for storing and transporting quail eggs with a specific ribbed surface of the cells.

Each type of packaging has its advantages, which you can find on the corresponding page of our online catalogue.

Alfa Pack Company is a manufacturer of various tray for eggs made of plastic and cardboard, so you can buy from us the necessary type of packaging in any quantity at low prices in bulk, with a guarantee of quality and delivery to all locations in Ukraine.

Due to the possibility of applying advertising images on packaging, you can create additional advertising for your products and increase the level of its sales. Production of trays for eggs is made in Kharkov.

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