Sandwich packaging


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  • Quantity per box: 500

Every year the pace of people's lives increases, numerous inventions and the standard of living imply increasing amounts of information, as well as the need to keep up with the daily implementation of more and more planned activities. It is not always possible to have lunch, paying enough attention to the absorption of food. Need for snacks increased.

What could be a better option for a snack or addition to the main meal than sandwiches ... It is curious that the sandwich in its modern form appeared in Europe in the XVII century, but at the present time has not lost its relevance, but has become just an indispensable part of nutrition. This dish of a combination of various fillings and bread rightfully occupied its niche, as an integral part of the diet of modern society.

Sandwich packaging is a convenient invention for transporting food products, ensuring both the safety of a neat appearance and the taste, freshness of the product. Triangular packaging design allows you to keep the original shape of the contents, which is very convenient for future use. 

The main advantages of plastic sandwich packaging

  • Trays for sandwiches are made from crystal-clear material and have an option with a lid or for sealing with a film;
  • Such packaging allows to examine the product in detail from all sides, which significantly increases the percentage of impulse sales;
  • It is made only from safe materials, which in contact with food, do not go into chemical reactions with it, maintaining all taste and original freshness;
  • Unlike paper bags and bags, it retains not only the original form of the contents, but also prevents hands from getting dirty while eating, which is a very convenient factor. 

Packaging application

Sandwich packaging

Separate roll packaging (can serve as a great addition to our range of sushi packaging)

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