Shrink film

Shrink film

Shrink film
  • Артикул: 139051
  • Width, mm: 450
  • Weight, kg / roll: 15

Shrink film

Nowadays, shrink film is used to pack many groups of both food and non-food items.

Types of shrink film by type of use material:

  • Polyethylene film. The packaging of this film is the most flexible. Strong, with water-repellent properties, the film is made using extrusion and subsequent pneumatic stretching. Shrinkable film sleeve - a two-layer film. Products appear to be in the sleeve and sealed on both sides
  • Polyvinyl chloride film. Single-layer film, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties. It easily adapts to the shape of the product, is resistant to mechanical impact, and also prevents the ingress of various foreign substances. The result is a guarantee of freshness of products for a long period of time.
  • Polyolefin film. Multi-layer film, which is made from polypropylene and its components. It is able to withstand mechanical stress, is absolutely safe, does not break, easily adapts to temperature changes, and does not emit harmful substances. 

Shrink film applications

In our country, shrink films are widely used for packaging food products. Its application in the food industry is very diverse: the packaging of bakery and confectionery products, meat and poultry, semi-finished products, using special trays. Packing bags of dairy products, various drinks, bottles, cans and many other goods is also common.

Also, such a film is used for packaging non-food products: paper products, metal products, electronics and light industry, household products, chemical, perfumery goods, various building materials. At the same time, shrink films with different shrinkage in the longitudinal and transverse directions are used.

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The range also includes other types of film for packaging various products. Our managers will help you choose the right product with all the required properties, will answer your questions.