Cup sleeve

Cup sleeve gray

Cup sleeve gray
  • Артикул: 124024
  • Availability: pre-order

Cup sleeve with clasp red

Cup sleeve with clasp red
  • Артикул: 124063

Cup sleeve with clasp blue

Cup sleeve with clasp blue
  • Артикул: 124070

Unity of comfort and practicality

The invention of a disposable paper cup over a hundred years ago was a real coup. This not only made it possible to significantly reduce the spread of various infections due to the use of ordinary tableware in catering places, but also led to the massive use of disposable dishes that are also safe for the environment.

In order to avoid discomfort when the glass touches the skin of the hands, the use of special thermo-points was a direct necessity. 

New from the manufacturer!

The company Alfa Pack introduces a novelty in its line of products - thermal belt for a cup of its own production. 

Enjoy your favorite drinks comfortably! 

Sleeve will be an excellent addition to paper cups from 175 ml up to 500 ml. Nowadays, hot tea or coffee in disposable tableware can be seen everywhere: from fast food to the restaurant. Convenience of disposable tableware is indisputable, you do not need to worry about cleanliness, cost and its further disposal. Such dishes are thrown away and leaves no trouble.

Alfa Pack continues to take care of the environment, introducing more and more new environmentally friendly products made of paper, which easily decompose in the ground. Without a doubt, the use of such add-ons as a thermal belt on a glass will increase the interest in the establishment and create the impression that customers are cared for! And this, in turn, will increase customer loyalty, make additional advertising for the institution. 

Why buy a thermal belt for a glass from Alfa Pack?

  • Lower price compared to a conventional sleeves;
  • Several types of color (red, gray and blue);
  • Always available in the required quantity;
  • Suitable for cups of the most commonly used sizes from 175 to 500 ml;
  • Thanks to our sleeves on the glass, your hands will never burn! 

In the range of our products you can also buy paper cups of various sizes and color options, with the provided original images. It is possible to order products with customized design solutions specifically for you, including the company logo, advertising slogans, thematic variations of patterns specifically for various events.

Also, for a complete set, you can pick up the necessary stirrers, wooden or plastic, cardboard holders and many other different products at low wholesale prices. Delivery is carried out in all settlements of Ukraine in full in the minimum agreed with the customer time.