Thermopacket 420*350

Thermopacket 420*350
  • Артикул: 132003
  • Pieces / pack: 500
  • Size, mm l*w: 420*350
  • Material: BOPP metallized (20 microns)


  • Артикул: 132001
  • Pieces / pack: 100
  • Size, mm l*w: 350 * 270

Thermopacket, grilled chicken bag

Thermopacket is the best type of packaging for transporting and storing both cooled or frozen foods, as well as hot food. Such packages are simply irreplaceable in packing the cooked grilled chicken.

The best choice for packaging products whose temperature needs to be kept for a long time is thermopackets (or insulated bags). This is a package that has polyethylene foam in structure. Thermopacket tightly closed, that allows you to maintain the temperature of hot and cold foods. So, thermopackets that you can buy from us are a great option for traveling, transporting products from the supermarket to home.

Such packaging is intended for the storage of frozen products or products in a cold (warm) state from 1.5 to 4.5 hours. By the way, thermopackets can be bought from us in several sizes: 350 * 270 mm and large packages 350 * 370 mm - for storing grilled chicken. 

Options for using thermal packs

  • Convenient in transporting frozen foods in the summer from the supermarket to the house;
  • Used for transporting meat for kebabs in the summer, ensure its safety;
  • Help keep the temperature of cold and hot drinks;
  • It is possible to use repeatedly while maintaining the integrity of all layers, you only need to thoroughly wash each time. 

Using cold accumulators (plastic boxes with saline solution) after some time it spent in the freezer, thermopackets will be able to keep the transported food cool even longer.

You can order thermopackets from us on the website in quantities of 100 and 250 pieces per pack. The assortment also includes paper, plastic, polypropylene and other types of packages at low wholesale prices from the manufacturer.

Our managers will help to make an order in accordance with your requirements. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine in a convenient way for you. We guarantee high quality products in accordance with established international standards. 

Thermopackets - for a picnic to succeed!