Pallet stretch film

Stretch pallet black

Stretch pallet black
  • Артикул: 138056
  • Width, mm: 250 mm
  • Length, m: 200 m
  • Colour: the black
  • Availability: in stock

Pallet stretch film

Pallet stretch film
  • Артикул: 138019
  • Thickness, mk: 17
  • Width, mm: 500
  • Length, m: 300 (240. 180 upon order)
  • Colour: transparent

Pallet stretch film black

Pallet stretch film black
  • Артикул: 138020
  • Thickness, mk: 20
  • Width, mm: 500
  • Length, m: 160 (200 300 under the order)
  • Colour: the black

Stretch-film pallet

The pallet stretch film (usually 450-500 mm wide) is intended, first of all, for manual winding and packaging of various groups of goods on a pallet. The use of pallet stretch film manual greatly facilitates and accelerates the process of packing and securing goods for their further transportation or storage in warehouses.

Such film will guarantee the safety of goods in their original condition during storage and transportation. 

The main properties of the pallet stretch film:

  • The ability to pre-stretch, thereby reducing the consumption of the film;
  • The ability to maintain properties at high temperature differences;
  • Easy to use;
  • Resistance to mechanical impacts (tearing and puncture);
  • The ability to very tightly fix the goods, which allows you to securely fasten them. This is the most important property in transporting. 

Nowadays, black stretch film is becoming increasingly popular. In the assortment of our film, it is presented in the most demanded size (width 50 cm). This size makes it possible to use it in virtually any environment, including small rooms.

This type also includes a narrower stretch film (width less than 450 mm), which is also used for manual winding (packaging) of food and non-food groups of goods. 

The advantages of food-grade stretch film:

  • Absolute safety in contact with food and eco-friendliness;
  • Cheaper and convenient option compared to its counterpart, wrapping paper;
  • It is applied in packing products on trays, reliably fixing them and maintaining freshness and presentation;
  • The cheapest kind of film of all polymer films for packaging;
  • Protects products from external factors. 

Stretch film is used in the production of food products, in catering, at home to ensure a certain shelf life. The optimum thickness of such a film ranges from 5-11 microns.

In the range of our food-grade stretch film are presented transparent versions of various sizes with a thickness of 10 microns.

To buy stretch film pallet for packaging at a low price from the manufacturer in Kharkov and Kharkov region you can on our website. Also in the range are: PVC film, shrink film and automatic film.

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