Stretched film for automatic packaging

Stretch films for food-grade for automatic packaging machines

Stretch films for food-grade for automatic packaging machines
  • Артикул:
  • Width, mm: 280

Stretch film for packaging machines

Film for packaging machines is required in many manufacturing enterprises. It is used for food packaging. Such film is distinguished by its reliability, it does not allow foreign substances harmful to humans.

The film for packaging machines is rugged, has an improved shrinkage value. The productivity of the packaging process, respectively, significantly increased. Machines operate in "gentle" temperature modes. This leads to an increase in their use time.

A high level of transparency and plasticity make the film most suitable for packaging entire groups of goods.

PVC stretch film is focused on various product categories. Due to this film we package foods, bread, fish, meat, cheese. It is safe for food products in accordance with established regulations.

The film tightly fits the products, tightly connecting them together, without additional fixation. 

Basic properties:

  • multi-purpose (used in all conditions, including adverse),
  • resistance to mechanical impact, puncture and tearing, ingress of foreign substances;
  • as close as possible to the goods, provides protection from contamination, retains the original appearance of the products. 

On our website you can order different types of film for packaging food and non-food products in accordance with their intended purpose.

The assortment includes a wide range of trays of foamed polystyrene of various sizes, which you may need to pack your goods using stretch films.