French fry cups

A Cup for snacks 400 ml Kraft paper

A Cup for snacks 400 ml Kraft paper
  • Артикул: 142198
  • Quantity per box: 300 pcs /box. 25 pcs / pack
  • The volume of the box, m3: 400
  • Hight, mm: 130
  • Diameter top, mm: 88
  • Material: Kraft paper + black lamination
  • Diameter bottom, mm: 61

The company “Alfa Pack” offers for sale a cardboard cup designed specifically for French fries. We offer for sale kraft cups:

  • large;
  • medium;
  • small

It should be noted that the small cup is presented in such sizes:

  • 1 / 12.0 mm high;
  • 1 / 12.0 mm high.

All packaging for French fries presented on the site is certified and safe. 

The benefits of working with us

Kraft cup is a great way to transport French fries. Such packaging reliably saves the product from deformation, rapid cooling, and your hands from fat and high temperatures. We ourselves produce all kraft products presented on the website. Therefore, we guarantee every customer:

  • acceptable prices;
  • discount system;
  • operational and professional advice;
  • the ability to buy a kraft cup as wholesale and retail;
  • fast delivery throughout the country;
  • wide and deep range.

French fries cup from the company “Alfa Pack” - an excellent investment for your company! And buying through the site also saves your time! 

How to order online

To buy a kraft cup for fries, write or call us. Managers quickly issue an order and send it. If you require consultation, contact us in any convenient way:

  • call or order a callback from the site;
  • write to mail or in social networks;
  • come to the office.

We will be happy for a long and productive cooperation!