Cup Bio 250

Cup Bio 250
  • Артикул: 142161
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d75 h100
  • Volume, ml: 250

Cup Bio 200

Cup Bio 200
  • Артикул: 142173
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d75 h80
  • Volume, ml: 200

Cup Bio 170

Cup Bio 170
  • Артикул:
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d68 h75
  • Volume, ml: 170

Bio tableware - the basis of your healthy future 

The use of disposable tableware has become indispensable in modern society. We began to pay more attention to its safety in use and eco-friendliness. Cups are the most commonly used. The wish to drink a favorite drink, an invigorating coffee or a refreshing milkshake can catch you anywhere.

Plastic cups cannot always allow to do this, because when it comes into contact with hot liquid, you can burn your hands or, at certain high temperatures, harmful substances will be released into the contents.

As for the bio-ware offered by our company, you can avoid all these factors. 

Biodegradable dishes (bio ware) – is made from a special biopolymer film, which is created on the basis of natural corn starch. Due to its characteristics, corn starch is widely used in the medical, textile and food industries. Currently, it is one of the most common materials for the production of biodegradable tableware. 

Bio cups are the best choice for comfort and safety

  • Handy and usable - presented in several sizes, which makes it possible to use different types of beverages;
  • Lightweight contributes to more comfortable use;
  • Maintain high differences of temperatures from -20 ºС to +100 ºС;
  • Fully decomposed in the ground for 6-9 months;
  • Resistant to leakage and mechanical stress;
  • Absolutely safe in contact with any kind of liquid. 

Alfa Pack offers eco cups in an assortment of various sizes and volumes: 170 ml, 200 ml and 250 ml. You can easily choose the best option for drinking your favorite drinks. All products are sold with a guarantee of quality from the manufacturer. There is a flexible system of discounts. 

The bio-ware from Alfa Pack meets all the requirements of eco-packaging - environmental certification and labeling.

In the assortment of our products, you can buy various eco-ware at low wholesale prices with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our managers, if necessary, will help to create an order by telling about all the characteristics of the products offered.

You can also pick up the necessary additional accessories for a complete set when selling your goods: lids for cups, stirrers and much more.