Napkins paper, decorative

Napkins (in Ukrainian servvetka from the French word serviette) have come into our life so long ago that it seems to be just an integral part of it. The napkins in their original form, like a piece of cloth or non-woven material of rectangular shape, have been replaced by more practical and diverse types of napkins: disposable paper napkins, sanitary napkins, decorative napkins made of various materials ...

A variety of colors, shapes and sizes help to create a festive atmosphere or elegance, set the table beautifully or just take care of clean hands at a picnic. The availability and low price of wipes that are purchased in whole packs make them a true synonym for cleanliness and personal hygiene. 

Safety and practicality in one product

For the manufacture of paper napkins used cellulose (wood fibers). Napkins can be not only white, but also with various images, including advertising. The dyes that are used are absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly.

No catering establishment can do without napkins, at home it is also an indispensable attribute of any feast, and just a family dinner. Napkins create comfortable conditions at the table. They vary in size, as well as being single-layered and multi-layered. 

Napkins - the carrier of advertising your brand

Advertising images, company logos on napkins clearly increase the sales of products. You can also order napkins with various thematic drawings, for example, on the eve of any holidays or significant events. The use of such napkins will help to create the appropriate festive atmosphere, and in the case of the application of advertising images - will create an additional non-aggressive advertising that acts on the buyer at a subconscious level.

In the assortment of napkins presented on our website, you can order single-layer paper and decorative napkins at low wholesale prices. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine in the shortest possible time in full volume of the ordered products.