Foamed polystyrene products

Foam polystyrene packaging

Products made of expanded polystyrene (foam), invented in the 1831 by Bonaster, have high fat resistance and are an excellent heat insulator, in a sense, are an intermediate product between plastic and cardboard packaging.

Due to its positive properties and relative cheapness, polystyrene products are widely used in many industries. A special place belongs to the food packaging of foamed polystyrene, produced by thermoforming - cups, cans, trays and trays for packaging fish, substrates for fresh meat, chips, boxes for packing eggs, laying for apples, etc. It is especially convenient to use lunch boxes for catering in offices, as well as for packing food for children in school.

The main characteristics of products from foamed polystyrene:

  • A light weight;
  • Good thermal insulation properties, retains heat products well, also suitable for freezing goods;
  • misses air in small quantities, allowing the contents to "breathe";
  • Resistant to mechanical damage maintaining the integrity of the content;
  • Inert, does not emit harmful substances and foreign odors when in contact with food;
  • Easily recycled for the environment and human health;
  • Polystyrene foam is permitted by the European Union, as a safe polymer, for contact with hot and cold products.

In the range of our products you can buy: foam trays (substrates), cups, moisture-absorbent pads, lunch boxes for food from foamed polystyrene, soup bowls and plates with lids. All products are presented at low wholesale prices.

Delivery of all goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine in a convenient way for you.

You can also order packaging from other types of material that is absolutely safe to use when it’s interacting with food for various types of goods. Our managers will help to create an order in accordance with your requirements. We guarantee the quality of goods and timely delivery with convenient forms of payment. For any questions, contact the phone numbers listed on the site.