Plastic containers Perint

Plastic containers Perint

Alfa Pack-East LLC today is the only importer in Ukraine of polypropylene utensils from the Russian manufacturer CJSC Perint, which since 1987 has been among the leading Russian enterprises in the field of plastics processing by injection moulding.

The main products of the enterprises of CJSC "Perint" are packaging - plastic buckets and plastic containers of various sizes and shapes, which can now be bought in bulk in Kharkov with delivery all over Ukraine.

The main consumers of the following plastic containers:

  • food industry - manufacturers of chocolate and tomato paste, manufacturers of ready-made products - salads, pickles, mayonnaise, ice cream, kebabs, etc.
  • paint and building industry 

The advantages of plastic packaging "Perint"

  • The small weight promoting easier and comfortable transportation;
  • Strength to keep your content safe;
  • Tightness - ensures the safety of products from leakage and ingestion of foreign substances, odors.
  • Production of goods from polypropylene, the most environmentally friendly and currently safe material for the production of plastic packaging that can withstand large temperature drops without the release of harmful substances in food.
  • Products are certified in accordance with FSSC 2200 and ISO 13485.

Usage for plastic packaging Perint

CJSC "Perint" produces plastic packaging for food products, as well as various products for medical and technical purposes for the construction, automotive and energy industries. By introducing technical innovations into production, the company is constantly expanding its product range.

Our site contains a wide selection of plastic containers, buckets, containers and plastic jars, as well as Pressurized containers for sealing in a large assortment of sizes and shapes of the offered containers.

Delivery is carried out in all settlements of Ukraine at low wholesale prices in a reasonable time for you. You can clarify any information of interest with our managers using the phone numbers listed on the site.

The entire product range of CJSC Perint is delivered only on order from 10 days.