Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging – multi-purpose packaging for products 

Plastic packaging today - the most popular type of packaging materials, almost indispensable for most types of food products. A variety of forms and properties of plastic packaging has found a wide variety of applications for various product groups - dry products, liquids (pet bottles, buckets), food products, salads (blister packaging, packaging for cakes, plastic containers), trays for berries and fruits (fresh and dried). For the production of plastic packaging the company Alfa Pack has its own scientific and industrial base, as a result, our food packaging is certified and meets all quality standards and the demands of consumers.

Disposable plastic food packaging copes well not only with its direct purpose - ensuring safety and ease of transportation, but also able to “embellish” the product itself. Packaging design solves a lot: transparent plastic packaging will showcase your products in all its glory, and bright color packaging combined with printing will not let people pass by.

Plastic packaging materials - advantages:

  • lighter weight and lower price compared to similar glass containers;
  • strength, increased barrier properties compared to paper (cardboard) packaging;
  • hygiene;
  • plastic packaging can be safely bought in bulk, because it has an increased shelf life and use;
  • combines well with other packaging materials, such as stretch film.

The range of universal plastic packaging includes:

  • Food-grade polystyrene blister packs;
  • Output from polypropylene of various forms and the sizes.

Our products are according to your wishes

Thanks to modern technologies and high quality materials that are currently used in the manufacture of packaging, plastic containers, the maximum protection of goods from moisture and various types of exposure is ensured.

Development and production of various disposable food packaging at a low price can occur with the harmonization of the requirements of the company that carried out the order. We provide an opportunity to buy plastic packaging, packaging with drawing images of various subjects, including slogans, your company logo, in any design variant, which will stimulate the promotion of products, thereby ensuring a significant increase in sales.

Innovations in production

The process of making plastic packaging does not stand still. Packaging manufacturers are constantly working to improve the quality characteristics of products, striving to achieve maximum results in achieving the perfect combination of practicality and eco-friendliness of their products.

At this time, special attention is paid to the issue of recycling plastic packaging. It has already become possible to apply a material that has the ability to disintegrate under the influence of microorganisms in the process of utilization, and a film based on polyvinyl alcohol that is capable of dissolving in liquids is also becoming increasingly popular.

Alfa Pak, being directly a manufacturer of various plastic packaging, continuously monitors all innovations and developments in this area. We are constantly updating our range of products, all the new products you can always find on our website.