Wrapping paper

Kraft paper

Kraft paper
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Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper (non-food-grade) - a cheap and eco-friendly type of packaging. (Food-grade paper can be found on the butter paper page). Wrapping paper is used most often for its intended purpose - as wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper is intended for packaging products on automatic machines, packaging of sugar, fruit, tea, glass containers, textile products, such as bag paper, greaseproof packaging paper, vegetable parchment, glassine, under-parchment, etc. Its scope is so great that this material considered to be the leader in application in various industries.

The main consumers of this kind of packaging are manufacturers and retail stores of the most diverse range of products: mirrored, framing workshops, furniture manufacturing, printing houses ... 

The main properties of wrapping paper:

  • High air permeability;
  • Low price with high quality indicators;
  • Used for food packaging, various industrial products, medicines and other goods. It is a practical material for the production of bags for dries (it is always necessary to take into account the composition of the paper, its labeling to determine the suitability of food packaging). 

The production of wrapping paper involves nine brands of its varieties, which differ in their composition, characteristics and limitations in operation. Four of them are contraindicated for the packaging of food products and medical products. It is necessary to carefully approach this issue, giving preference to that type of paper, which by its characteristics will fully meet its intended purpose. It is also possible to purchase wrapping paper with printing, upon the customer’s order. This promotes additional advertising for your brand. Implement wrapping paper sheet and rolls. 

The range of wrapping paper use is quite wide:

  • wrapping boxes, parcels and packages;
  • packing of nails, screws and other "trifles" and goods;
  • as inner packaging (including for plates and other fragile products), as a cheaper analogue of bubble wrap;
  • for packaging of printing products - magazines, brochures, leaflets and business cards.

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