Tape Clipper

Tape Clipper in assortment

Tape Clipper in assortment
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The tape clipper represents the plastic tape reinforced at the edges by a wire. There are two types: single-core and strong (with one and two wires, respectively).


Clip tape in rolls is used on clip-on devices (clipper) for closing bags with different products, such as bakery products, confectionery, tea, etc.

The bag closed with a clipping tape can be opened and closed several times, which is convenient for the consumer and allows you to preserve the integrity of the package.

Clipper tape can be on various colors, monophonic, and also options in a combination of two colors are possible. The most common tape width is 8 mm and thickness is 5-6 mm. Clipper tape is made, in most cases, on 600 m. 



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