Candy trays

Candy tray

This type of plastic packaging is intended primarily for piece placement of products (most often confectionery) and is a cellular container made from food films PS, OPS, PET, PP or PVC. Candy trays  - packaging, which ultimately has sufficient rigidity, strength, but at the same time, lightness and elasticity.

For additional protection of the packaged products, the candy trays are packed in a box or covered with a film (plastic tray from pet for sealing). Due to the cells, which are specially made to the size and shape of the product, the products in the packaging are almost stationary, which plays a very important role during transportation and storage.

Candy trays usage

The field of usage of trays is quite wide (from packaging of soap and other household chemicals and hygiene products to packaging of components and tools), but most often cortex is used in the packaging of confectionery products (including as individual packaging-blister): candies, marmalade, marshmallow, cookies etc.

In addition to the requirements for practicality of packaging, there are other specifics in the confectionery industry - confectionery products are most often purchased for a holiday or as a gift, which requires increasing attention to the aesthetic design of packaging.

The most common are candy trays for sweets, cookies, marshmallows, as well as cakes, fruits. 

Packaging safety

  • Packing is made only from tested and eco-friendly materials.
  • The guarantee of the minimum content of toxic substances in packaging materials allows them to be used in the manufacture of food packaging.
  • Products are certified, meets all established safety standards. 

Individual design

A candy tray variety of decoration, exceptional design focus on the packaged product. Particular importance in the manufacture of packaging is given to the shape of the cells, which can be square, round, oval, and several options can be combined. The possibility of applying various graphic or text images, a company logo, advertising slogans will allow you to create an additional marketing course for a significant increase in sales of your products.

Tray for confectionery, for cakes, plastic packaging for cakes - the most common type of packaging that can be bought in Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine.

By purchasing trays, you can be sure not only about the safety and the freshness of your products, but also about an interesting design option that can be negotiated individually. Application of various images will help to make your products and manufacturer's company more recognizable.