Cassette seedling tray

Pallet PS-801

Pallet PS-801
  • Артикул: 100109
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 536*230*13
  • The volume of the box, m3: 0.586
  • Pieces / pack: 200

The bottom PS-802 (d45 40 cells)

The bottom PS-802 (d45 40 cells)
  • Артикул: 100110
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 536*230*55
  • The volume of the box, m3: 0.113
  • Pieces / pack: 200
  • Thickness, mk: 600

Cover PS-803

Cover PS-803
  • Артикул: 100111
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 536*231*55
  • Pieces / pack: 200

Seedlings in cassettes

We produced a new form - cassettes with a tray for planting seedlings of vegetables, fruits and flowers in Kharkov. Growing seedlings in greenhouses or at home has become easier than ever with reusable cassettes at affordable prices. In agriculture, they begin to plant seedlings from November to March, depending on the technical conditions indicated on the pack with seeds. The cassette method of growing seedlings in greenhouses is very popular today and continues to gain a strong position in agriculture. 

The cassettes for seedlings are a tray with the size of 536mm * 230mm * 55mm., in which there are cells 45mm * 45mm * 45mm. In a set to the cassette for seedlings there is a pallet also in the size of 536mm * 230mm * 13mm., the transparent cover 536 * 230 * 50 mm. So, it can be used as a pallet, and as a cover at the initial stage, while the seedlings are low, for transportation. In the bottom of the cells must make a drainage hole. They are filled with light soil - sifted peat, shed balanced on the elements liquid. 

Ease of use and practicality

Such cassettes are very convenient to use: they can be easily installed anywhere, and also moved if necessary, for example, from a room under temporary film shelters when constant heat is established. But the biggest advantage of cluster seedlings is that when it is transplanted, the roots will be remained, and this increases its survival in the open field, which further affects the quality and quantity of the crop.

Results - getting seedlings more economically. Care for seedlings becomes easy and convenient. The uniformity of the cells in the cassettes for seedlings makes it possible to automate the process of filling cassettes. If necessary, the cassette can be cut into pieces. Growing seedlings in cassettes in several times reduced seed consumption. As practice shows, seedlings from these cassettes are more viable. 

The main advantages of growing seedlings in cassettes:

  • excellent separation of the root system of individual plants;
  • identical growth conditions for all plants in the greenhouse;
  • the root system is not damaged at all if necessary to replant the seedlings;
  • effective plant protection from diseases (from the soil);
  • the possibility of breeding plants from seedlings that can’t be replanting;
  • reducing the complexity of growing plants;
  • significant savings space in greenhouse;
  • high saving of seed and substrate;
  • possibility of using cassettes again 

In the assortment of our products, you can order cassettes for seedlings of various sizes, 200 pieces per pack. Timely delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.