Cardboard tray for eggs

Triangular box for eggs for 6 pcs

Triangular box for eggs for 6 pcs
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Cardboard tray for eggs

Eggs are a very fragile product that requires care. And not only during transportation in a minibus from the supermarket to the house. In order to deliver eggs from the farm to the consumer, they must also be securely packaged. In addition, packaging for eggs should perform not only the function of protecting eggs from damage - it helps to preserve the freshness and taste of the product. 

There are several types of such containers:

  • cardboard packaging for eggs (very practical packaging for eggs; made by recycling waste paper. Trays of this design are very reliable and eco-friendly, although they are not hygienic — if the egg breaks in such a tray, the packaging will no longer be usable; resulting in bacteria can multiply in the package);
  • plastic tray for eggs (classic plastic tray, can have a capacity of up to 60 eggs);
  • containers for eggs (represent a transparent plastic packaging for eggs). Today, blistering containers for eggs are the most popular packaging that allows you to inspect a product before purchasing it. Such containers are securely closed, moreover, they are more hygienic than trays of other material. 

One of the most popular and reliable packaging is cardboard packaging for eggs, made from special paper, or rather from molded paper fiber. Such packaging (or containers) is very durable and has cushioning properties.

Molded fiber packaging allows you to preserve the freshness of food transported in cardboard containers. Cardboard tray for eggs - a reliable way to protect the product. This tray is designed for a different number of eggs.

Thus, the company "Alfa Pack" produces packaging for 10 and 15 eggs (cardboard tray for eggs), as well as lumpy pads with a capacity of 30 pieces.

Lumpy pads for eggs are very convenient for transporting large quantities of product. They exist of several types with different cell sizes in accordance with the weight categories established by DSTU 5028: 2008. Filled with goods, such trays are stacked on each other, thereby saving a lot of space. 

Compact paper trays for eggs have several advantages:

  • Recyclable, safe, eco-friendly;
  • They create optimal conditions for the storage of the product due to air permeability and hygroscopicity;
  • They are fixed with locks, preventing the opening and damage to the contained product.
  • Cardboard trays are available in different colors. In addition, it is easy to place an advertisement on such packaging (both on the outside of the tray and on the inside). For example, the logo of the manufacturer of packaging or advertising print. 

You can order the necessary packaging for eggs, to buy carton packaging for eggs at low prices from the manufacturer with timely delivery of products throughout Ukraine in full volume of the ordered goods.