Hat beret

Hat beret
  • Артикул: 133001
  • Pieces / pack: 50

Plastic disposable apron

Plastic disposable apron
  • Артикул: 133007
  • Pieces / pack: 100

The use of plastic aprons

A disposable polyethylene apron is mainly used for its intended purpose - as a reliable protection of working clothes from moisture and various kinds of contamination, usually in combination with disposable gloves. At the same time, such polyethylene aprons provide:

  • hygiene;
  • convenience (easy to handle, does not hinder movement);
  • ease of care;
  • profitability - the low price of the apron itself, plus the quick replacement of the “working” part of clothes saves time and also frees from frequent washing, drying and ironing of working clothes (uniforms);
  • Eco-friendliness - do not require special requirements for disposal, are recyclable. 

The scope of disposable polyethylene aprons is quite extensive:

  • in industry and service centers - for short-term protection of clothing against splashing of oil, gasoline, paint and other industrial pollution;
  • in the food industry - in order to comply with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards during the cutting, packaging of food products at poultry farms, meat and dairy plants, in the workshops for the production of semi-finished products, fish processing, in confectioneries;
  • as a disposable medical apron in treatment-and-prophylactic institutions;
  • as an apron for a hairdresser - an essential attribute of any master of a beauty salon during dyeing or chemical perm hair;
  • in the household and household during the repair or cleaning of premises.

In addition, in the range of our products are hats-berets of 50 pieces per pack. They can be used in combination with polyethylene aprons and gloves to protect against various types of contamination.

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