Eco packaging - the basis for safe storage of your products

Ecological safety is one of the main details of the social responsibility of business. The turn comes to other manifestations of care about the environment:

  • eco-friendly product made from waste paper, without any chemistry. Does not pollute the environment, can be repeatedly recycled.
  • ventilation for products due to the bumpy texture inside.
  • abundance of forms, volumes and color solutions.
  • the possibility of applying a corporate logo. 

Alfa Pack Company - a manufacturer of packaging made from various materials. First of all, we make sure that our products are absolutely safe in contact with food. For this, our highly qualified specialists follow all the innovations in the field of development and production of various types of packaging. All products undergo rigorous testing before they come into the hands of the final consumer and meet the established international standards of quality and safety. 

The range of our Eco packaging includes:

  • corners protectors;
  • trays for fruits and vegetables;
  • pots for seedlings;
  • lettuce lodgements;
  • trays for vegetables and fruits, herbs, mushrooms and berries. 

You can order any package from our range in accordance with your requirements. The Contacts page has phone numbers where you can contact our managers. They will tell about all the properties of goods and help rationally make an order, selecting, if necessary, additional products. Delivery is made at the agreed time with the customer.