Household chemicals and goods

Household chemicals and goods

Alfa Pack, being a manufacturer of packaging for various types of goods, offers an assortment of products that can also facilitate comfortable care for your property. Specialized household chemicals, household goods - all this you will find in our catalogs at affordable prices with delivery throughout Ukraine.

Household chemicals - traditionally, this means for the care of property. These include: synthetic detergents; textile auxiliaries; bleaching, bluing and starching agents; cleaning and washing detergents, stain removers, polishes and adhesives; car care products; means to combat domestic insects and rodents; other means (Antistatics, Antinakipiny, Deodorants, Putties, Mastics, Odorants, Shampoos, etc.).

Our product range includes:

  • polyethylene, latex and nitrile gloves;
  • polyethylene aprons;
  • clipping tape;
  • polyethylene sleeves;
  • toilet paper;
  • all household chemicals from manufacturers for cleaning the house and other premises;
  • household goods (garbage bags in the range, napkins for the floor, napkins for cleaning any surfaces and foil).

The range of products is constantly updated, we follow all the innovations in the production of sold products. In the New section you can always see new items of products that appear in the range of our catalogs.

If you have any questions, please contact our managers. They will tell you in detail about all the properties of products and the rules for their use, help you to make an order in accordance with your requirements.

On our website you can buy all household chemicals wholesale and retail at the lowest prices in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, and also household goods or other products. We guarantee timely delivery throughout Ukraine in full of the goods you ordered.