Paper cups

 The history of paper cups has more than a hundred years. And if at the beginning it was a necessity, today the production of paper cups is a careful attitude to nature, concern for the convenience of the client and saving money, and also is a great opportunity for bright and inexpensive advertising.

The company “Alfa Pack” invites everyone to buy paper cups wholesale (large and small) and retail. 

Glasses for hot and cold drinks: advantages of use

Disposable paper cups gradually replace plastic. There are quite a few reasons for this, consider the main ones:

  • eco-friendly and safe for health: do not emit harmful chemicals upon contact even with boiling water;
  • do not stick up, do not break under strong squeezing, do not melt;
  • they can be heated in the microwave;
  • keep the temperature of the drink for a long time;
  • do not allow to get burned (double-layer cups);
  • can be produced from recycled materials, which reduces the cost of the product;
  • relate to eco-friendly packaging;
  • easy disposal

In addition, such eco-cups - the choice of the modern generation, which seeks to be conscious in its relationship to nature. So if you want to promote your brand among young people - we recommend to buy exactly cardboard cups. It is stylish, convenient and practical, like all other disposable paper tableware. 

Cardboard cups: main types and features

On our website paper cups of the most popular types are presented:

  • standard;
  • corrugated;
  • for cold drinks with double-sided lamination;
  • with thermal sleeve.

The manufacture of paper cups is made by the Alfa Pack Company itself. We guarantee compliance with all applicable norms and standards. For production of cups are used safe for health materials. The full range you can find on this page. 

Why buy paper cups from us?

We have been working in the packaging market since 1992. During this time we have learned to understand any client. And today we are pleased to offer a really wide selection of paper cups and other disposable paper tableware. Each client receives a number of such benefits from cooperation with us:

  • the ability to buy paper cups wholesale and retail at prices from the manufacturer;
  • prompt delivery to any city;
  • the ability to put on a cup with a lid an individual logo;
  • opportunity to save: buy more - pay less;
  • a wide range of paper cups with a ready-made design;
  • qualified assistance of managers on any issues;
  • loyal pricing policy.

If you need really high-quality paper cups with your company logo, we are ready to help you with this! Cardboard cups for cafes, coffee shops, food courts, fast food restaurants and even paper cups for vending - we have cups for any purpose! For eco-cups you can immediately purchase components:

  • covers;
  • straws;
  • thermos sleeves;
  • cup holders;
  • straws for drinks.

A full range of accessories and bar accessories can be found on the corresponding page. 

How to make an order?

To make an order, you can call us or write to the online chat. If you are interested in the price of a specific position, you can request a price through the appropriate form in the item card. After making the order and prepayment, we will send your purchase. Delivery as soon as possible. We look forward to