Paper packaging

Almost 2000 years have passed since man invented paper (according to Chinese chronicles, this happened in 105 AD). This wonderful eco-friendly material mankind has found a lot of applications. Including it is used as finishing, ornamental and packaging materials.

For packaging and similar paper products, the thickest multi-ply paper is mainly used - cardboard. Cardboard packaging of goods ensures safety in contact with food products.

Cardboard Benefits

  • Packaging material cardboard has high rigidity, frame structure, strength and barrier properties;
  • The main feature of this packaging is the ability to "breathe", which quickly found application in the food industry;
  • Safety and eco-friendliness when interacting with food;
  • Convenience in recycling cardboard for its further use in the manufacture of paper products;
  • As a substrate in cardboard boxes, special confectionery paper is used - butter paper that does not let in fat and moisture.

Cardboard paper packaging for food is widely used as a packaging for cakes, pizza, fast food and other pastries.

The main advantages of cardboard packaging

Due to the positive properties of the cardboard, it is possible to produce from it a reliable ecological disposable tableware, which is practically not inferior to plastic disposable tableware. Modern barrier products in combination with a coated cellulose layer of cardboard, allow producing reliable moisture-resistant glasses, plates, soup bowls, baking dishes.

Often, the main argument in the expediency of using cardboard is its eco-friendliness. Cardboard is easily recycled and up to 80% recycled as waste paper. Unused paperboard quickly decomposes in the soil.

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