Bio tableware

Biodegradable tableware

In recent years, more and more attention is paid to the safety and eco-friendliness of the tableware that uses. The question of its production has become one of the main. The natural resources of oil, which is the main raw material for the production of plastic utensils, are gradually being exhausted, and the process of utilization is rather complicated, and entire processing plants are needed. Also, no less important factor is the safety of the use of bio-tableware when interacting with both hot and cold products.

Biodegradable dishes (biotableware) - made from a special biopolymer film, which in turn is created on the basis of natural corn starch. Due to its characteristics, corn starch is widely used in the medical, textile and food industries. Currently, it is one of the most common materials for the production of biodegradable utensils.

Such packaging is pleasant to the touch and similar in characteristics to plastic, although much more elastic and more pleasant to the touch. 

The preferred characteristics of our bio tableware

  • Does not contain harmful substances, is safe in interaction with food;
  • Maintains significantly high and low temperature;
  • Longer preservation of freshness of products compared to plastic counterparts;
  • Comfortable use, low weight;
  • Practicality and resistance to mechanical stress. 

Field of use

Disposable ecological tableware is widely used in catering, in fast food restaurants, in fast food outlets, for private use, in catering to enterprises and schools. And at the buffets and outdoor events you will surprise the guests with a novelty and a beautiful appearance.

Alpha Pak presents a full range of eco tableware: lunch boxes, soup bowls, salad bowls, cups, forks, spoons, plates.

The bio-tableware from Alfa Pack meets all the requirements of eco-packaging - environmental certification and labeling.

In the range of our products you can order bio-tableware at low wholesale prices with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our managers, if necessary, will help to create an order by telling about all the characteristics of the products offered.